Chief Bark Officer and Head Mascot of Chewie's Pawsibilities, LLC

This is Chewie.  He is a 4 year old rescue Morkie pup, and weighs in at 9lbs.  He was rescued at 9 weeks of age, and has become our Head Groomers Diabetic Alert Service Dog.  

Chewie can usually be found in an outfit of some sort, and sporting his boots to match.  He enjoys long naps under a blanket, homemade food, and lot's of running around in the back yard (oh, and the house zoomies as well).   He loves other dogs, and isn't quite sure about cats yet, as he's only met a couple of them.  He loves running errands with his mom, as he knows where he will be getting bonus treats (Shoutout to the grocery store, bank, and pharmacy!!)  Chewie can communicate thru his AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) buttons.  When he is hungry, wants to play, wants a treat, wants to go outside or something to the like, he will push one of his buttons to tell us what he needs.  He really is a smart pup.  Chewie has been a life saver for Chrissie to many times to count.  

The "Pawsibilities" with Chewie, and in life, are endless.  We feel the same way about pet grooming.  Your pets and the pawsibilities with them, are completely endless.  We would love for you to consider us as a Pawsible groomer for your pets journey through life.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.