Check out our accredidations and more certifications!

As of September 22, 2023, we are officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau!!  We are very excited about this, as it shows we  run this business with honesty and integrity.  Please feel free to check out our reviews, more business info and more at the above link.  

Why is BBB Accreditation important?

BBB accreditation is important because it signals that a business meets a high standard of customer care, follows local and federal laws, and is deemed trustworthy. 

For consumers, knowing that a business has been accredited can foster credibility and move prospective consumers down the consideration funnel. According to a study conducted by the BBB, 70% of consumers who recognize the BBB seal deem the business reputable, and 66% believe it to be honest and ethical. Immediately demonstrating a reputable, honest, and ethical operation is vital in building consumer trust, especially when handling finances and collecting personally identifiable information (PII), as Privacy does.