• Category: Pet Grooming
  • Service Duration: 1 Minutes
  • Price:Free



Friendly reminder for everyone now that the snow is here.  We ask that before we arrive for your grooming appointment, you have a spot shoveled, plowed or blown out for us to park in. We also ask that you have a pathway shoveled out so we can safely get into your house with our equipment.  The icy drives, sidewalks, porches and steps can be very slick and dangerous, posing a fall risk.  

If we arrive at your house, and there is no safe way to enter, we will be forced to cancel your appointment and reschedule.    If you are not able to provide us with a safe way to enter your home, please call at least 2 hours before your appointment so we can reschedule.  

Our goal is safety, for you, for your pets, and for us. We are happy to reschedule to be sure that everyone is kept safe.  

If temps are below 15 degrees, we will automatically reschedule your appointment.  Again, safety for everyone is paramount to us.  

Stay safe and stay warm out there everyone!