We are currently booking appointments 5-6 weeks out. If you need an appointment ASAP, please read the info below for costs and how to get an immediate appointment.

  • Category: Pet Grooming
  • Duration: 05:00 Hours
  • Address: Your Home (Map)




Do you need an appointment today, tonight or tomorrow?  It is possible, most times, to make this happen.  Please know that there is an upcharge, above and beyond what the normal pricing is.  IF you need one of these appointments, the pricing will start at twice the cost of a regular groom.  

Example:  You want a full groom for an 18 lb dog.  The normal charge is $80. Because you want an immediate appointment, I will attempt to juggle some things around to fit you and your dog in.  I may only be able to fit you in before or after regular business hours, meaning your appointment could be early in the morning, or after 6 p.m. With the upcharge for this, your grooming session will cost you $200.

There are many reasons why you would need a quick appointment.  (Home hair cut disasters, skunkings, etc.  Please note that a matted dog does NOT constitute an emergency.  Please see our Matted dog section for more info).   We are here to help, however, we can't guarantee we will always be available the exact moment you call.

Why is there an upcharge?  This is because we will need to move some things around to fit you in.  We may have to fit you in before or after business hours.  

These services are performed after the equipment has been cleaned and sanitized. This process will need to be done again after your dog’s grooming.

The groomer providing the services will be incurring overtime hours because of the time spent grooming your dog after hours.

If you need to book an emergency appointment, please call or text us, at (269)529-8836.  You can NOT book an emergency appointment online.