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Please read this section BEFORE booking an appointment.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE, PLEASE DO NOT PREPAY.  Please hold the payment until the day of the appointment.  We will collect payment after the appointment is completed.

Every dog is different, as is each grooming appointment you will have.  Prices listed are the minimum starting points for each service, and may go up depending on the overall condition of the dogs coat.  

What makes the price go up?  Several factors can affect the pricing.  If your dogs hair is tangled, matted, or knotted, we will have to take extra time to comb it out and work thru the mats.  It may be necessary to shave mats out.  This is not a quick process.  If your dogs coat is dirtier or greasier than what is considered normal, it will take us extra time during the bath to get them sparkly clean.  

All pricing will be discussed before the start of the groom, to be sure everyone knows up front what the expectations are.

Pricing now includes the fuel/mileage surcharges, if you are within our 15 mile service radius.  If you are outside our radius, a fuel surcharge will apply.  Pricing also now includes any credit card processing fees, which were previously charged at $5.

If you are a new client, we offer a free one time initial consultation.  At this appointment, we will come to your house to meet your dog, and you.  At this appointment any questions about house call grooming or the process of how it all works, will be answered.  We can discuss what kind of haircut you are wanting, and any other details about a grooming service.  We will introduce your dog to the noise of the clippers, the nail clippers, and a comb.  This is to assess how the dog will react at the grooming appointment and to see if any special equipment will be needed.  We will also run a comb or a brush thru your dogs hair, if your pup is matted or knotted, we can discuss options to take care of that, as well.

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  We accept cash, credit cards, and local checks.  **If your check is returned unpaid, you will be charged a $300 fee, this is IN ADDITION to the amount of the check that was written.  You will be unable to make another appointment until that has been paid**

Prefer to email us to schedule?  Please click HERE to send us an email.

If you have any questions regarding these, please reach out BEFORE your appointment to discuss it with us. 

To make an appointment, after checking out the services listed on the previous page, please call or text us, (269)529-8836.  You can schedule an appointment at our online booking page, by clicking HERE.  You are also free to email us, by clicking HERE.

We are happy to get you scheduled!