Time for your fur baby to have a spa day? **PLEASE NOTE** Prices starts at $190, and may go up depending on the condition of the coat Please go to https://chewiespaws.square.site/ to make an appointment

  • Category: Pet Grooming
  • Service Duration: 06:45 Hours
  • Address: Michigan, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Your location
  • Price:$190



Your fur baby will get a double shampoo bath, followed by conditioning.  Your pet will get a blow dry, nails trimmed, paw pads trimmed, hand scissoring around the feet, a full body hair cut, ears cleaned and plucked, a sanitary trim and will be finished with a fun bandana and spritz of pet safe cologne.

To make an appointment, please call or text us, (269)529-8836.  You are also free to email us, by clicking HERE.  You can also schedule an appointment at our online booking page, by clicking HERE.

We are happy to get you scheduled!