Here you can download the New Client first visit forms.  You can download them, print them and fill them out at your convenience.  Please have them filled out for your Groomer upon their arrival.

**Forms are in .DOCX format, and also in PDF.  Meaning they can be opened in Microsoft Word, or in your web browser**

New Client Form.docx  New Client Form.pdf
This is the form that will have your information, your vets name & number, and what we need to know about your pet.  Please fill out one of these for each pet that will be getting groomed.

Policies and Release 2022.docxPolicies and Release 2022.pdfThis form is our General Policies and Release form.  Please read it, and initial each section.  Please sign at the end.  This is also one form for each pet that will be groomed.

Pet-Photo-Consent-Form.docx  Pet-Photo-Consent-Form.pdf
This is our release form for social media and website use.  We love taking pictures of all the fur babies we groom.  We also enjoy including the parents of the fur babies.  This release gives us permission to post photos on our website, and social media accounts.  If you do not wish to have us share the photos, please let us know on the form. 

senior or matted pet release.docx     senior or matted pet release.pdf     If you have a senior pet (Over the age of 12), Or a matted pet, then this form is for you.   This is an informational sheet, and a release for us to work on your pet.